The Oklahoma Messages Project

Helping children—our state’s most precious resource—maintain connection with their incarcerated parents is an investment we make in the next generation of Oklahomans.

Creating Messages    *          Mending Hearts         *          Rebuilding Families

Healthy parental connections are essential to a child’s development. Children are the silent victims of their parent’s crime through the trauma and loss of the environment that has been their life

When a child’s parent is in prison and a healthy connection is maintained, it reduces the child’s risk for social, emotional, and educational problems. For the incarcerated parent, family connection decreases the likelihood of recidivism. Maintaining and enhancing the bond between children and the incarcerated parents through video messages and other interactive media and activities are the focal points of The Oklahoma Messages Project.

Since Oklahoma incarcerates more women/mothers per capita than any state in the nation, and 4th highest for men, tens of thousands of children are the victims suffer and lack parental support

With Messages from Mom and Dad our teams coach and film hundreds of parents in prisons across the state reading books to their children and sharing personal, positive messages. It makes a huge difference in the lives of children who receive these Messages packages to read along with bedtime stories with mom or dad via video, while they see their parents are safe and hear they are loved and missed

Without prevention and literacy programs like the Oklahoma Messages Project, 70% of the children of incarcerated parents will go to prison or jail at some time in their lives. But with our programs, these kids can do better in school and home, have higher self-esteem and less anxiety while they await their parents’ return from prison.